28 classrooms (from class Ill to Class XII) are having interactive Boards. LCD projectors with internet facility for facilitating audio visual teaching and on-line testing. KG and class I & II are equipped with LCDs. The school has over 40,000 modules for visual teaching.
Apart from conventional, sophisticated Physics, Biology and Chemistry Laboratories and an advanced digital Science Laboratory has been set up for Primary & Secondary classes where Science Experiments are carried out through probes.
NllT e-guru’s Math’s Laboratory is established for better understanding of the subject through manipulatives,. specifically developed class wise software and conventional teaching.
Digital language lab for the development of language and communication skills using specially developed software keeping in mind, the Indian accent. The classes of KG to IV are redesigned to make learning by adopting team work.
Abacus Mental Arithmetic by UCMAS is a part of Primary curriculum, which enhances Concentration, Visualization and Listening power among the students. Students not only become proficient in arithmetic but also proficient in other academic subjects as well.
A spacious, well ventilated and ashthecially designed Library with a good collection of books, encyclopedias, reference books for faculty on various subjects is in place and a news stand for the children to keep them abreast about the daily news.
Hands on Science
We at zenith school believe in providing not only experienced and trained faculties but also guidance from the best techno aided companies. Our curriculum is aided, which in turns benefits the children to develop scientific temper, increase observation skills, and enhance retention. It further increases their confidence & motivates them for future prospects.
Eureka- An Active Science Learning is a product of THINKLABS, IIT Bombay. It provides activity kits to the students and through this product experiential learning in science happens in the classrooms. Joyful and meaningful learning is facilitated through this practical kit, and also blends well with the curriculum guidelines, it also aids in formative assessment as per CCE guidlines.

The children are involved in Robotics which is also aided by THINKLABS, IIT. The children mix their creativity and curiosity in designing various models. Kids of all ages enjoy hands on construction activities, so that aspect of robotics is easily accessible to them.
The addition of a computer programming component allows the children for deeper investigation of various activities such as remote censoring control and autonomous function.

EduSports is India’s first and leading school sports company started in January 2009 backed by a team of IIT, IIM, NIS, LNCPE and Stanford alumni. EduSport sprogrammes help create ‘Physically Educated’ children while ensuring that all stakeholders (Schools, Parents & Policymakers) are involved in the process.
A structured curriculum based physical training has been started in collaboration with renowned Edu-sports. It enhances the students to develop physical fitness and also inculcate the sportsman spirit.
EduSportsprogrammes are designed around the core principles of

  • Inclusiveness (Every child MUST play)
  • Age-Appropriateness (Right Skills at the Right Age)
  • All programmes are designed specifically to work in Indian context. They can operate in limited spaces and actively engage large class sizes.
  • The scientifically designed, structured EduSportsprogrammes help physical education & sports to get to the same level of rigor, focus and stakeholder involvement that exists in academic subjects in schools.