The Space To Bloom
Zenith Teachers
In an environment and learner friendly campus, we in Zenith School inspire the children to go beyond academics to learn ‘How to Learn’ and excel in their abilities at their peak level. The teaching learning process strives to provide the best possible education to all the learners to contribute effectively in the society where they live.
Zenith School teachers is a team of committed pilots and crew of the huge Zenith ship to navigate the children to the goal and never lose sight of the factors that groom learners in translating their innate potential and make optimum use of their abilities in academics to excel in real life in an innovative, interactive and highly effective manner. The management at the lighthouse takes keen interest to make the staff techno savvy, constantly aware of the global pedagogical milieu and update their knowledge and skills to grow professionally with the institution.
The teaching learning in the class rooms are most interactive, emphasizing on formation of concept rather than content, including sense of enquiry and questioning to know and explore the surrounding, which makes learning at Zenith School an activity based, joyful learning experience. The comprehensive and continuous evaluation procedure of academics and non academics helps to have the feedback and initiate remedial measures. We emphasize on a minimum learning level per standard, which all the children must attain.
Zenith School has become proactive in embracing technology with a commitment to expose our children to a broad range of technology to support life long learning. Objective tests are conducted with the help of Quizdom Voting System through remote sensing network in the classroom. C-map tools help making teaching process easier for the teachers. Sophisticated software is used to facilitate online revision and tests.

In Zenith School, the process of teaching-learning process focuses on:
  • Academic perfection
  • Learning skills based on Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Life skills
  • Team spirit
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self confidence & Self esteem
  • Planning and development skills
  • Problem solving abilities.