‘A Centre of Progressive Learning for All Round Development’ Zenith School, situated in the culturally rich city of Vadodara is a pioneering Institution catering to learning, based on a perfect blend of Public School and Indian Cultural heritage, aiming at providing holistic education – a schooling of harmonious development of personality – physical, intellectual and emotional.
The careful design of school curriculum, creates a platform to promote multiple Intelligence opportunities and diversity to address varied capabilities among the learners.
Zenith school, is an institution where true mixture of conventional and contemporary methods of teaching is used in a flexible manner according to the age and aptitude of the child. The technology-induced changes call for a school that not only promotes local but also global education. Emphasis is laid on Analytical, Critical, Interactive and Participative learning, by our well qualified teachers, to enhance a creative way of learning skills. A modern infrastructure, continuous update of curriculum and a techno savvy faculty are the essential qualities of this new age school.
It is true that the future of our country is shaped in the classrooms of today. Zenith school recognizes that a student’s horizon is unlimited. It crosses all national boundaries and uses international methods of teaching to enable them to be exuberant, confident, aspiring and well adjusted individuals in their chosen vocation.
I In 1964, the Huseinabai Charitable Trust was formed by the visionaries of the Barodawala family to adopt the school and take it to the global standard. Rest is history to bring up the school from its modest start to today’s techno savvy school providing quality education, believing each new day to be a beginning to soar to a new horizon.
The hour of dawn, every day at our Zenith School, is one of the most happy and fulfilling scenes. Hundreds of boys and girls in colourful uniforms, their faces bright and radiating confidence and running towards their class rooms is an awesome sight. Many of these children will be tomorrows eminent Judges, Doctors, Sportsmen, Computer specialists, Teachers, Engineers and Architects. The seeds for outstanding performance were sown way back when our school made a humble beginning 56 years ago and today many ‘Zenithites’ are well placed professionals. What we have is not school children; we have a whole lot of future in our hands.
We have a promise to keep – to ensure that the future of these promising buds is nurtured and helped to blossom.
This promise is the spirit of our mission which runs like a perennial mountain stream.
We aspire to lift the all round standards from a conventional institution to a centre which pursues excellence globally. We shall achieve this by providing excellent teaching standards, benchmarking with the best institutions in the country and abroad, incorporating the best practices and at the same time keeping in focus our cultural, ethical, social and human values in the forefront.
We strive to be an institution that nurtures the body and mind through unlocking creativity, widening the intellectual horizon and a host of extra co-curricular activities. A place which builds a healthy winning attitude and multi skills focus on empathy, tolerance and love for fellow beings. The learning system will be fine–tuned to meet the challenges of the future, involving Information technology and other modern tools of the communication era.
Besides academic excellence we shall inculcate as a way of life; healthy habits, life skills, leadership qualities, discipline and a sense of commitment so that tomorrow these “Zenithites” can make this country a better place to live. This will always remain a Kaizen exercise, a never ending journey of continuous improvement. Environment protection is priority for us so is our responsibility towards the community in which we live, work and learn.
We value the dedication and commitment of both the teaching and non teaching staff for their contribution in our rapid progress. We aim to achieve our mission with the active participation of Parents – Teachers – Students – the State – the Management and the Community.